Hearts and Minds guide to the trending e-commerce design solutions that increasing engagement and sales.

Scrolling moves in new directions

While scrolling down was a design convention for many years, today web designs are engaging users through more novel ways to scroll. You can expect the unexpected. The rise in horizontal scrolls includes carousels to move content sideways, and tile-based compartments to provide deep dives into content of interest.

Vertically aligned menus

No longer are menus bound in a horizontal dimension of the top of the page, increasingly web design positions the menu on the side of the screen. As even more sites are viewed on mobile, we can expect this to grow.

Minimalistic design

Less is more when it comes to good user interface design. Keeping it simple, brings the subject into to focus. Simple minimalistic design is a smart option in our world of choice overwhelm.

3 D models

Nothing like seeing it in the round, 3D modelling gives the user a chance to experience the product from all angles as they would in real life. Expect to see more of 3D modelling in retail websites.

Product Filtering

Product filtering gives users more control over the website by setting filters that relate to their goals. These filters can be by colours, use, size, brand, location, and price.

Voice shopping

Voice shopping allows customers to use voice commands, which can allow a user to browse by product reviews and order online. Voice shopping is a good option for people on the move who would rather speak and click on a device.

Micro animations

The competition for screen time continues to grow and with it comes the need to make the web designs more engaging using tools such as micro animations. Micro animations bring brands to life with changing colours and quivers as users engage with a specific element.


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Louise Kelly
Hearts and Minds