Here are some guidelines on boosting social media performance without increasing your budget.

Drive user generated content

User generated content is a powerful tool for small business. User generated content, such as comments, reviews, ratings and posts, have over twice the credibility of a brand’s own social posts. User generated content builds stronger connections with an audience because it is relatable, and not driven by the self-interest of the brand.

Pushing social posts with user generated content into blog posts, pop ups and web content, is an excellent way to build your brand’s credibility with social proof. Your small business can increase user generated content through requests in emails, competitions, or direct requests to share experiences or opinions.

Niche Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on social such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Hash tags are a great way to be discovered. To research good hash tags, watch your competition and see what hash tags are working for them.

If your Hashtag is too popular, it may get buried inside thousands of other posts, instead, try getting your business more attention by promoting your post with a niche hash tag. Use free tools like keyhole, or research on Twitter to find niche hash tags, that will set you apart from the crowd.

Post regularly

Consistency is key to maintaining an audience’s attention. You can schedule posting for peak times, using social media platforms like Sprout Social. Take the time to trial different days and times of the day to see when posting can get the most effect.

While it is good to plan 2 weeks ahead, be ready to respond to trending news. Being part of the buzz of the day is a great way to get more attention for your social posts.

Authentic imagery

The natural real-life images and videos are key to driving social engagement. Research has shown on social channels, users would prefer authentic looking images over, overly staged professional imagery. Images shot with smart phones to capture the moment, give the user a ‘fly on the wall’ experiences which have high engagement. Choose real life images over stock shots for social media.

Track engagement

Social media managers are constantly surprised by which content will perform, so keep an open mind and test and measure. Content is a great way to test product appeal and new ideas. By watching the analytics, you will discover what is working and what is not and adjust accordingly.

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Louise Kelly
Hearts and Minds