How to design a brand and create value to lead in your chosen market

1 September, 2021
Louise Kelly-min

Written by: Louise Kelly

People leader, research, experience & design

Written by: Louise Kelly

People leader, research, experience & design

Successful brands are ones that promise breakthroughs, substantial transformations, in ways that are not easily replicated in the market. The transformations that become breakthroughs are the transformations that take your customer’s world, or your customer’s life, closer to an ideal.

Implicit in this transformation is a set of experiences, interactions, transactions and outcomes delivered according to a set of values.

Successful brands have coherence amongst advertising, experiences, products, customer solutions and culture.

Hearts and Minds solutions use EMPACT ™, a framework that allows brands to be integrated into experience, service, product and business model design.

Your brand is inextricably linked to the business strategy, it is in fact the face of the business strategy.

Your brand is the perception of the value proposition as it lives within the hearts and minds of your customer.

The experiences and transformation of a brand should be deeply rooted in the organisation’s sense of purpose and defined value proposition. Brand perceptions are made or broken by how closely customer experience matches brand image.

Ultimately it is the values of a brand and organisation that enable a customer experience to be consistently delivered.