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Creative excellence and marketing performance​

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Research has established an absolute and significant correlation between creative excellence and marketing effectiveness.* 

By correlating the market performance of creatively awardezd versus non-awarded campaigns, research has demonstrated creatively awarded campaigns were 7 times more effective in terms of market growth. ​

Other outcomes of creative excellence

  • Premium pricing and greater perceived value​

  • Fast Moving Goods had improvements in performance of up to 18 times.​

  • Increased Word of Mouth​

  • 45% improvement in ROI over 12 months​

  • Greater residual brand awareness past the 12 months mark​

So just how does creative excellence drive marketing performance?

Creative excellence makes an appeal to the right brain. It is characterised by ​

Novelty, being both fresh and curious, ​

Resonance, making an emotional connection with the audience​

Implicit, is suggestive rather than explicit ​

Because creative excellence appeals to right brain processing, it is processed much faster than verbal left brain messaged creative.”​ ​

It also can have much greater emotional appeal and is much more likely to motivate positive action than left brain rational messaging.​

Novelty gets noticed and stimulates the mind. 

With over 5,000 marketing messages a day and just 100 getting our attention, novelty helps the message stand out amongst the wallpaper of other messages. A competitive positioning exercise, a model of the target customer’s personal media world and a competitive  creative audit can further fine tune creative novelty.​

Resonance helps the message connect with the emotional needs of the customer. ​

Helping them feel attracted to the value proposition. By understanding the emotional experiences that define the brand promise, a creative executive can pull at the heart strings of the customer.​

Implicit messages activate the imagination of the customer,  enticing them to join the dots. 

Implicit messages activate a customer’s own internal stories creating greater engagement and linking the creative to existing beliefs, perceptions, memories and emotional experiences.​

Steps to creative excellence. 

1. Novelty through a differentiated brand positioning ​​​​

2. Emotional connection  is embedded into the brand look, feel, voice and 


3. Implicit messaging embedded into the ‘advertising and marketing’ touch points

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